Jan Padover at work on a 12' X 8' Mural Commision for Al Fanous
(on 16th Street betweeen Guererro and Valencia Streets) 2002

I am a native San Franciscan, yet my interests in artistic subject matter seem to lie elsewhere: in North Africa and in the Middle East. Without intending to, I developed within the tradition of 19th Century Romanticism and its rich relative, "Orientalism".

Several trips to North Africa and the Middle East provoked the most artistically productive periods of my life. My interest in the region is also musical, I have been playing Middle Eastern music professionally for twenty years.

My artistic education locally includes private studies in the studios of Sheldon Schoenberg and Charles Griffin Farr. In addition, I drew on a weekly basis in the Charles Griffin Farr studio for a period of 30 years. Local schools I have attended include City College of San Francisco, San Francisco State University and the Academy of Art where I received my B.A. in Fine Art.

I have also studied abroad, in Sweden, at Stockholm's Gerlesborgskolan and Konstfackskolan, where I achieved a degree in Graphic Design and exhibited in Sweden's National Museum and in Stockholm's Liljevalch Museum.

I currently teach drawing and painting at the School of the Arts High School in San Francisco.

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